Glasses that the Nazis confiscated from the prisoners of war at Auschwitz death camp. 


Birkenau, Poland, May 1944, Women inside the women’s camp.


Arbeit Macht Frei”, “Work Makes Free”, on the entrance of Auschwitz I, a concentration and extermination camp used during the Holocaust, built in 1940.


Another picture i took on my Diana mini whilst in Poland at Auschwitz camp 1

“work sets you free”


Harrowing portraits of prisoners line the walls of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp near Krakow, Poland.

Anonymous sent: Thank you for making this blog. It might educate some people around this community why they're being extremely insensitive towards the events that happened during this time. Theres a quite a difference between what you're doing and what I've seen others do recently (create nazi roleplay blogs? i dont know who did this but i heard plenty about it). It wouldn't be a problem i feel like if they knew a little about what they were trying to write about so please, educate them in the right way.

Oh well thank you. 

And I would like to clear up the whole nazi roleplay blog. That isn’t really what happened.

In the actual plot of the show, it’s set in Nazi Germany, so it’s only historically accurate that if a character from that plotline were created, he would be a Nazi solider. The roleplayer was also very clear about how they did not support the views of the Nazi party, and it was to be not only historically accurate, but a writing challenge because they radically disagree with it.

I think the entire problem got out of hand, which is probably one of the reasons I created this blog. Because people seem to misunderstand everything holocaust related.

So again, thank you :) And I hope I do a good job of getting my point(s) across.

The Red Army marching into Berlin, April 1945

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Some of the S.S. women whose brutality was equal to that of their male counterparts at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Bergen, Germany, on April 21, 1945. (AP Photo/British Official Photo)